The footer is a piece of content located at the bottom of each page of web site.

The purpose of the footer is to signal to the user that they are the bottom of the web page and to provide links or shortcuts to other areas of web site. The footer is the area many users expect to find legal information such as ‘terms and conditions’, ‘privacy policies’, etc.

Often the footer will include short cuts to key web site content, to save the user from having to scroll back up the page to where the standard menus are located.
common short cuts are:
-terms and conditions (legal information)
-privacy policy (legal policy about privacy)
-contact us (Shown how to contact to company of web site. Customer service)
-site map (User can see all the contents of web site in one page.)

Also footer is common place where the website development companies leave their ‘signature’ in a website to link back to their own website.